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  • Kathmandu (Pashupatinath,Boudhanath) - Chitwan (Sauhara) - Pokhara (Fewa, Devi's Fall, caves) - Kahmandu:

    1>Nepal's flag is awesome.

    2>Hinduism and Buddhism exists in solid harmony.

    3>Nature like sunset, sunrise and festivals are purely raw and non-Western :) plus the Nepal locals are extremely nice :O

  • My 6-day Trip in Nepal
  • 02:43 PM, Saturday (March 30, 2013)
  • Sadhu 'Holy Man'

    After looong months of planning and that fascination with Hinduism and Buddhism has again made me go to Nepal. Oh did I mention they have the most unique flag in the world? Not square or rectangle. I was told that Nepal flag when horizontally placed looks like the Himalayas (mountain) and that is so epic!

    I waited for 8 hours (transit) in Malaysia, before Air Asia flew to Kathmandu, Nepal. My two brothers greeted me warmly and we went sightseeing in Kathmandu the following day. I felt the pleasant weather about 20 degrees below especially at night. And there's just the presence of Lord Buddha & God Shiva everywhere.


    There's not really enough words to describe, that goes except the premises of culture, history and friendship. I think you can see by the pictures themselves.

    Holi Festival in Fewa, Pokhara

    What I really went for is their Holi or color festival. I guess this festival itself is what drives the tourists, aside from the almighty Himalayas, Nepal culture itself is...Simply stunning \m/

    In Pokhara Himalayas Sunrise Sightseeing

    Kathmandu is the city where I can get all my basic needs like souvenir and ATM and stuff like that, I was mesmerized by every sights inside Pashupatinath and Boudhanath. Every shrine itself bearing gods & goddesses have attributed connections with Shiva and Buddha. :/


    Chitwan elephants

    Not only realizing that Nepal was the birthplace of Prince Sidharta or Gautama Buddha, but nature and jungle itself is a treat. Every first time to me is rewarding. My first elephant ride, my first time to participate in their Holi festival, and my first time to gaze personally at the sunrise kissing the Himalayas. Every moment is spectacular.

    Devi's falls

    Inside Pashupatinath is already a live stream of History and Geography or Humanities concerning Hinduism. And I just can't stop making moments with my camera. My friend was more than enough to guide me and ask me if I remember the names of deities and gods and even places. And this is what I truly enjoyed, mostly the sights I've seen were on TV documentaries and this feels I teleported in Nepal to feel and breathe the experience.


    Nature and Culture, if I were to sum the two elements that you can experience in Nepal. Surely there's good food and internet connectivity and coffee and cakes but if you're like me who prefer history more than malls and technology in the city. You will enjoy Nepal too. Next time I'm hoping to feel the experience in Bhutan and Goa, India. But that will be another proclivity =))


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